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Thread: showing art

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    showing art

    hi togehter

    i dont know if this is the right forum but if not please just put it in the ight forums.

    now my question is where else can you post digital paintings no matter wich program you used

    i know deviantart but on my other works hardly ever anyone commented or gave critique and i know a few good artists on deviantart but they also dont get many comments unless they are making advertisement all the time.

    so wich other artforums or sites are there that you could recommend?

    sorry if my english is not so good but imm from germany

    Greetings Janina

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    I use Flicker.. However it is not a forum, just a gallery without the means for comments..
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    Wet Canvas is a good forum to post natural medium works and get some feedback from other artists. They also allow digital work in the right areas. Also if you have a website or blog for your art you could add a link to your profile here.
    Here is the wet canvas site:

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