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Thread: Stylus too sensitive

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    Feb 2009

    Stylus too sensitive

    I have a new pc with Windows 7 and my stylus is so sensisitive that it
    makes a fine line even when it is not touching the pad. And when it is near to any tool, it makes them dissapear.
    Can somebody help?
    Thank you. Frank Rajki

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    New Zealand
    That's unusual - If you leave ArtRage and go to your desktop, does the stylus drag selection boxes around icons without touching the tablet? Also, does this happen all the time or only sometimes? If the stylus is activating a 'click' event when it's not touching the pad there may be a problem with the drivers.

    If it's a Wacom type stylus, I know that it's possible to make them activate without the nib touching the tablet if your finger is touching the nib and also the tablet, so depending on your grip you may find this is what is happening, but it sounds more like a click has become locked 'on'.

    Just as a quick test, open up ArtRage and see if the problem occurs immediately. If it does, tap the stylus on the canvas then bring it back up, and see if the problem continues.

    We will need to know some details on your hardware. Could you let us know what kind of tablet you are using, and what drivers you have installed?
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    Feb 2009

    Stylus too sensitive

    Thank you for your advice. It seems that the TB 7300 Wide screen design tablat was not installed on my computer. (this is a new pc with Windows 7.) So the problem seems to be solved.

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