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Thread: having a contest

  1. having a contest

    Hi I'm Murex and I am a webmaster at We are a skinning community and like other forums we have contests. We have a wallpaper contest which will start soon, In about 2 weeks. This contest will be a little different for us as the wallpaper will be made using ArtRage only. As Ambient Designs has so generously donated prizes for our contest we the staff at skinnalicious would like to extend an invitation to the members of this forum to join our contest. Hope to see you there. If nothing else maybe some one can teach us how to use the program...

    Thank you for reading my post


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    are the users with full versions allowed to participate?

  3. Hi sbug 51

    We don't have a problem with full version users entering the contest. Just keep in mind that first and second place prizes are a full version of ArtRage. Although first place winner will also receive a subdomain at skinnalicious along with a full version of ArtRage As I said in my first post the contest will start in a couple of weeks. At that time I will post the starting and ending times along with the rules. The reason for the delay is to give time for those that haven't use ArtRage before to have some time to get used to the program and find out how it works. Hope to see you there ...

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    May I do the contest? =) What are we supposed to do? When does the contest Start?

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    yeah it will be great for you little artist they haven't put a specific time or subject yet, so all can get used to the program, so practice practice practice

    and good luck i hope you win this

  6. Hi Little_Artist... Yes you may join the contest along with any one else that wishes to do so. This would be a great opportunity to show other artists just what can be done with ArtRage.
    Some people have shown concern about established users of ArtRage entering the contest. We can not exclude some one from the contest because they have experience with the program.. Just because you have used a program for a long time doesn't mean that you are going to make the winning piece of art work. The talent is in the Artist. Some one new with a little practice and Talent can make a winning piece of art work as well as any one else.

    Below I have listed the time and dates for the contest, If You have any questions you can Either post them here or in our forum, We have a place for just that purpose. I will answer them as soon as I can.
    .................................................. ........................................

    Skinnalicious invites you to our Wallpaper Challenge with a twist. Twist of the brush that is.
    As always we try to do something a little different and different this is. The challenge here will be to make a wallpaper using ArtRage painting program.

    Ambient Design the company that makes ArtRage has donated our prizes. There is also a Mac version that we can give away for any one who wants to enter and has a Mac .
    Because we know that some of our members haven't used ArtRage before we are waiting for 3 weeks or so before we start the contest to give you a chance to download and get used to the program. The Wallpaper must be made with ArtRage. The wall needs to be 800 X 600 for the contest. A couple of days before the contest we will make a place for you to upload your work and provide a link to it.

    First place winner will receive a paid version of ArtRage plus a skinnalicious sub domain. Second place winner will receive a paid version of ArtRage.

    The contest will start on Sat. May 13 you will then have 3 weeks to make your wallpaper. All entries will need to be uploaded by May 27, 06. We ask that you upload your walls between May 25. and May 27. And that you do not upload your wall to any other site until after the contest is over. Voting will start Sunday May 28 and end on Sunday June 4 Voting will be done by members only of Skinnalicious.

    We Must have at least 5 entries for the contest to run. If we do not have 5 entries by the time voting starts we will either extend the time for uploading or we will restart the contest at a later date. In the event we have a tie for first or second place we will put the walls back up for voting to decide the winner.

    Your wall can be anything you want to make as long as you don't have nudity or any thing offensive. And the wall must be made with ArtRage painting program.

    You must be a member of Skinnalicious to enter the contest and be able to vote but it is free to register Good luck and have fun

    Murex Webmaster

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    I joined the skinalicious thing. I am Petite_Artiste. But where are we supposed to post our pictures when we finish them? Can we draw anything we want or does it have ot look wallpapery? Do you have to worry about where computer things would go, if somebody really used the WallPaper? Does it have to be any kind of size?

  8. Little_Artist
    That's a very good question and I apologize for leaving out that information. The wallpaper should be 800 X 600 for the contest. A couple of days before the upload time we will create a place for every one to upload their walls to and provide a link to it.
    On the matter of the look of the wall keep in mind that a lot of people do like to use icons on their desktop. Most generally the part you want people to focus on is more toward the middle so that people can locate their icons around it. You will never be able to please every one so just do it as if you were going to be the one to use it... To answer your question Yes you can make your wall look any way you want as long as it does not contain any "NUDITY" or any thing "OFFENSIVE"

    Thank you for entering our contest..

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    I hate Bad Scary stuff! It even looks terrible seeing it typed. I don't know what Offensive is. I like ponies and faeries and butterflies. Are those okay?

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    yes little artist they are okay i think i will enjoy your art again do your best

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