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Thread: Convert to paint option

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    Convert to paint option

    I am probably just missing something, but the first time exploring the app , I hit a menu in the tracing area under options that said " convert to paint "
    I hit it and it did a very nice job of converting an image to the style I had chosen.

    I cant seem to get this feature to work again, I have rebooted and still no luck.
    Is there a combination of settings I am missing? Any insights?



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    Welcome to the forums!

    After loading a tracing image, a number of options become available, like ‘Convert to paint’. Check that you’ve loaded a tracing image( second item from the right on the bottom bar ), then tap the tracing icon again to open the tracing panel. The ‘Convert to paint’ option should be available as the third item in the list after tapping the menu button in the tracing panel. If no tracing image is loaded, it will be greyed out.
    If that’s not what you’re seeing there, let me know and I'll be happy to help further.
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    "I hit it and it did a very nice job of converting an image to the style I had chosen."

    What does this mean? Can you show an example? Didn't see such a thing on the AR iPad promo pages.


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    When you convert an image to paint the image color is applied directly to the canvas, and it's given volume as if it had been constructed from oil. The image doesn't change appearance at all, but the volume means it can be smeared around using the palette knife or have colors blended in using the oil brush.
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