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Thread: It'sArt Live Chat - SEPT 30th - tonight

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    It'sArt Live Chat - SEPT 30th - tonight

    Not sure if any folk here will be interested in listening in, But there will be a live video conference on air between various artists invited by Patrice Leymarie, who runs the It'sArt site, as they chat about fantasy art. I know that Cris Delara, (outstanding Pin-Up artist and charming lady) will be there, as well as a far less good looking chap named Nick (me). I know some of the others invited and they are immensely talented - but don't want to say their names in case I jinx their turning up.

    There will be a text talk facility enabling you to lob questions and comments into the mix, but you won't be able to broadcast your cam if you have one - not on this occasion - sorry. This is just an attempt to keep it manageable and hopefully more informative, giving the artists more of clear run. Some planned future sessions will allow you to broadcast all you like.

    If it is of interest to you - we'll be officially live on this page here, from 9pm (GMT-London) which is 4PM where Cris is in Canada, and 10PM where Patrice is in France.
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