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Thread: iPhone version

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    iPhone version

    OK, I will be the first to get t out there. I sure would like this app on my new iPod Touch & iphones too. So to quote a very famous line. "How hard can it be." I'm also willing to wait while you shake down this wonderful iPad version. Which I dearly love. Great job. And Thank you, for getting it out.
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    yes please - i love that you have made it so easy to share with the desktop app, would be nice to be able to do this with the ipod touch 4g also

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    iphone version suggestion

    if theres a problem with artrage taking up too much memory on the iphone or somthing maybe you could release a smaller version that has only a sub-set of the tools in the iPad version. So, maybe a version with just pencils, for example. call it Artrage Sketcher or whatever.

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    I second..third, fourth this..

    Memory will not be an issue.. the latest devices match the ipad.. it's just a screen and interface issue really

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    The amount of time it would take to redo the interface means that we're not actively working on this currently as there are a few other things in the pipeline that need attention. However, that's not to say that in the future we won't look at producing an iPhone version, it's just not something we're actively working on right now.
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