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Thread: One of my favourite caricaturists

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    One of my favourite caricaturists

    Totally different from what I do, but his graphic work is of the strongest I know.
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    Hi, Hanzz! I totally agreed with you. I feel identified with him in various ways: age, politic views and cultural background (European socialist jewish immigrants). I admire his confident, sometimes far fetched takes on daily political issues.
    I use to visit his blog posts at:

    There are intense opinion exchanges there, with other colleagues illustrators of the highest quality. Sometimes I even added my two cents to the commentaries on thorny issues and always found Steve to be an open, respectful host. Nothing close of a snob elitist he could feel entitled to be.

    I only regret he had bad experience with digital painting softwares of artificial feeling and rejects trying others altogether.
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