Hi everyone,

I am a Fine Arts Visual Artist who is used to painting on canvas, or doing other non-computer visual art, I have no digital arts or digital photographic experience (besides pressing the automatic button), nor do I have a digital or mathematical brain. Please forgive me, maybe I am going to ask some stupid or elementary questions. I have ArtRage for sometime but have not really used it, now I would like to, but I am completely unsure about converting my computer made art into a finished printed canvas work. I don’t want to print at home (too small and only have old poor quality printer) I want my finished work on canvas, and much larger than the computer size, so done at some print shop.

On my normal painting canvas I don’t have to worry about DPI or PPI. I have already chosen the canvas size so that is not a problem, I just need the talent to paint a good and lasting quality “painting” with the right materials on that size canvas. And at the end I know that my painting is going to look the same as I painted it.

But digital?

First of all it is less psychical, less sweeping movements of arms and use of body, but okay maybe I can deal with that.

But I can’t quite figure out the bit about printing (I want all my works to be printed later - at some print shop - on canvas at a larger size).

When I start a new painting do I have to make the settings to the size I am going to get it printed out at (say 100x70 cm)? (But then I am working on my computer with my canvas in a zoom minus – is this not going to affect my work somehow?)

Or can I work at screen size and change the printing size when I have finished and before exporting (without altering the painting in some way)?

And do I have to set the DPI (which are at 72) and if so to what?

But the ArtRage painting is small (monitor screen size) so what is it really going to look like if I get this printed out professionally on canvas at a larger size? Is it going to look the same as I see on my computer screen? I find it hard to imagine this as I have no experience of this !

How do I make sure it looks the same (print shop) printed on a larger canvas size as it does on my screen? (and how – and what - do I set things so that the two will be the same?)

And what should I save/export it as (PNG, Photoshop, JEPG, TIFF, or?) since manual says some formats (such as JEPG) do not save all the details of my painting?

Are there any tips about getting the painting printed at a print shop, should or should not’s best types of printers, etc.?

Painting on real canvas I use many layers, of certain colours, so that the layers underneath reflect the light through the top layer and effect this layer. This playing with light is, I guess, no longer possible with digital printing. But ArtRage has layers, so how and for what do I use them in a digital work? How exactly do the layers affect my top layers in digital (in the finished canvas printed result)?

Any other guiding tips and tricks or things I should know or watch out for in the digital vs. actual on canvas painting?

Really grateful for any help and tips (please, as simple, clearly and as detailed as possible so my brain doesn’t blow a very weak digital intelligence fuse)

It’s a lot I know, but Thanks