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Thread: Art Rage on iPad any day soon?

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    Lightbulb Art Rage on iPad any day soon?

    I own a iPad and iPod Touch, and I have the Wacom Intuos3.. Needless to say the Wacom is collecting dust, and well I've lost the stylus, its somewhere around the house but I haven't really gone to the trouble to look for it.

    I'm not missing Art Rage that much... But It would be neat if you'd have it a look.

    Examples of good drawing apps:
    TypeDrawing, ASKetch, SketchBook Pro, Harmonious, Brushes.

    And if you think the iPad isn't capable, check out "Epic Citadel", and tell me that isn't amazing.. Note, the Ipod Touch 4G also can do it. The reason? the A4 based Apple products use Tile Based deferred 3D rendering, which is better and more efficient than Z-buffer based rendering that most graphics cards use, and very few hardware developers have mastered it.

    Anyhow, I'm just warning you, Art Rage guys, better get on the ball, before someone implements their own. BTW, there is well over 3 million iPads out there, and growing. Primary audience, guys over 40. Note, Brad Carvey, creator of the video toaster has one, as well as Steve Martin (the comic, uses it for his banjo sets during touring).
    Youtube + MTV ~=

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    BTW go do a youtube search for these

    Epic Citadel
    Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad

    How Do You Draw on the iPhone and iPad

    Youtube + MTV ~=

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    See this post on the announcements forum for info.
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    wow ! I was away some time and I missed the iPad release of Artrage. I think when I'll have enough money (I had some health problems since this summer and I had to refuse a lot of works so money is far away for now...) I'll buy an iPad just to draw with it ! For now, I need to find someone who can give me an iPad for a few day to write a review of artrage on it.
    I'm sure it will be a best-seller

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