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Thread: Windows 7 64 bit

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    Windows 7 64 bit

    I need to download my ArtRage3 again because my old computer died, I now have Windows 7 which is 64 bit, I went to download ArtRage3 and saw on the link that there were only options for 32 bit. Please tell me that I can still use ArtRage3 it isn't long ago since I bought it. So will it work on my super powerful new computer that is 64 bit. I will be so upset if I cant use it as it was one of the reasons for getting a really good computer that can handle the graphics work I so love to do. .... Thanks ... Lin

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    hey there,

    Win7 64-bit does support 32-bit programs. They all go into the x86 Program files folder. Actually you won't see many 64-bit programs on your computer. Adobe CS4 only has Photoshop in 64-bit, the rest are all 32-bit.

    People are all looking forward to the 64-bit AR though... Speed is a big problem.

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    You can still use AR on your new 64bit system, its a bit like having a 4X4 vehicle that you mainly use to travel down to your local, even though its able to climb mountains, lol. Lotsa people use those

    But anyway AR still works great on 32bits, so no worries there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowena View Post
    But anyway AR still works great on 32bits, so no worries there.
    Perhaps as "great" as a 32bit app trying to juggle any number of multi-megabyte images at higher bit depths could be.

    But we all would be much better served with a recompiled version of Artrage which took advantage of the OS and hardware 64bit memory space and processor upgrades for which we've already paid.

    There are many applications for the arts which are now taking advantage of 64 bit standards, not to mention multi core / multi processor CPUs are virtually all new and recent computers.

    We are told it's on the list.

    So yes, it should run on Windows 7. But it could run better someday...

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