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Thread: One stroke Method

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    One stroke Method

    is there any way to emulate the Donna Dewberry one stroke methos in artrage?

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    While ArtRage does a good job of mimicking the appearances of many traditional art mediums, one can't always get the results as expected in the traditional way. You'd be able to use a similar method in some cases, but there really aren't any ways you'd be able to following along with Donna in her videos (from my experiences). For example... You could double load the Oil Brush or the Paint Roller to create a single multicolored stroke, but you wouldn't be able to control the brush tip in the required fashions that Donna uses in many cases. This would mean you might need to use extra tools to attain the desired effects. It would also be beneficial to have a drawing tablet with pressure sensitivity for tapering purposes.

    (EDIT) - Thought I'd add an example for clarity. Below I've attached an image showing a similar method to that used by Donna Dewberry. The idea being, one places thick paint on the canvas and then drags ones oil brush tool through the paint to pick up the colors (the Auto Clean and Insta-dry features must be off for this to work). With the Oil Brush loaded with the needed colors, one may then create a single stroke with a blending of the colors that were picked up off the canvas. Again... It won't be perfect, as we do not have the option of manipulating the brush heads direction, but some nice effects can still be pulled off.

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    very helpful...ty

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    semd74, hi!!! nice to have you here.

    When I was studying digital impasto techniques, this was a question that I always did to me. This technique is widely used in traditional painting, i. e. carry two or even three colors in the same brush, to get different pictorial effects.

    The AR3 demonstration of Someonesane is very well prepared as we can see. Thank you!!!

    I used a different technique and I made the image that follows very quickly. The use of different tools can simulate the effect that you ask. I am preparing a tutorial for tips and tricks about this. Certainly it involves knife edge trail and soft knife.

    Thank you.
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