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    I just joined.
    I find the beauty of ArtRage2 is it simplicity. Hopefully I can contribute to the forum once I get a better understanding of what this software can do. In the mean time I'll look around the site and see what other folks are up to with ArtRage.
    Ted D.

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    Hey Kanted, welcome to the forums from another Canuck (who is himself a relative newcomer as well). The gallery forum has lots of examples of peoples' work with gratifyingly different styles and subject matter; there are also a few great tutorials on the site (some written by forum members) worth having a read through to get a feel for an example workflow.

    Have fun and post some of your own work when you get a chance!

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    Kanted- Welcome to the forum. I think you will find a warm community here. You have come upon a most excellent software that is in a growth phase with exciting promise. I look forward to your posts.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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