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Thread: Settings lost on forced application closure.

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    Settings lost on forced application closure.


    I have my laptop setup so it switches off when I press the power button. A couple of times I've navigated away from ArtRage after finishing what I was doing with AR still be open, and then power off the computer. This forces a close of AR which saves the emergency file. Sadly it loses settings, most importantly the global colour samples. I'm creating a different painting for each scene of my animation using the same palette, and to have it disappear was a shock as I feared my colour continuity shot! Thankfully I had saved a version of the palette prior while working out how palettes work, and could recover the missing colours from painted scenes.

    Um, morale of an uneccessarily longwinded tale, could the closure procedure be adapted to preserve settings even on a forced closure, just as a safety precaution?

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    Thanks for letting us know. This probably relates to settings being stored in ArtRage's settings file, we'll look into it. In the meantime, if you use local colour samples, those should be saved as part of the painting file.
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    I've saved out the global palette now, and as long as I quit the program before hitting the off button it's not a big deal.

    Can I also take this opportunity to thank the whole ArtRage team on actually valuing the end-user experience and creating a very robust and useable application? I've just finished another frame, and it occured to me I'm using loads of layers (counted 40) at 1080p, moving them around and editing about, with narry a quirk nor instability. In this age of massive feature lists yet fundamentally broken applications that can't do the basics of what they're supposed to, it's very refreshing. We need all software companies to be as diligent in getting the current features working before working on new tricks.

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