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Thread: ArtRage encountered an error trying to load...

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    ArtRage encountered an error trying to load...

    I was in a hurry and I must have turned off my laptop without shutting down ArtRage, because when I tried to open it up just now I got the error "ArtRage encountered an error trying to load the painting you requested. The file could not be read from" and instead of my precious multilayered file it loads a single layer. The file itself is about 5.4 megs, which is about right for the file I was working on.

    Is there anyway to recover this file? I've poured several dozen hours into it and I'd hate to lose it

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    If you can email the file to us at we can take a look at it to see if any data can be recovered. Also, if running Windows, check for the file 'arrestart.ptg' in your application data folder ( Tools -> User Content -> Open User Content folder, you'll now be in the 'Resources' folder. Go up one folder from that to the ArtRage 3 folder and check for a file of that name ). ArtRage attempts to save this file automatically if there is a crash, so if you're able to open that and it contains your painting, save a copy somewhere else so that you can contininue working on it.
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    I also noticed this error on the Mac if...

    I moved an ArtRage File, say into another different folder, then select the file name from Recent Files on the File Menu.

    In the old days we used Alias for this, now in 10.6 we use URL Bookmarks as these allow a change in file location but the OS can still locate the file.

    Presumably you've use hard pathnames.

    Some fixes could include a meaningful error message, or periodically check if the files are still at there expected locations and update of the Recent Files menu if not.

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