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    Hey everyone.
    i thought i would share this incredible website i found called colourlovers dot com

    it has tons and tons of color palettes for u to download and use in your paintings. i have figured out a way to just download a .png of the color palette i liked and turn it into a color picker. they have other options to download i just dont know how to import them into artrage. if any of u guys have suggestions on how to do so that would be cool. otherwise enjoy!

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    Colourlovers doesn't actually support the .col palette format of artrage, the formats they have on offer are really for design products/web design, so you're already bringing over the colours the easiest way.

    You can add your colours to the colour palette in artrage by choosing the colour and then on your colour swatches palette click the 'add local sample button'. Once you've added all the samples you want in your palette choose the 'Export Local Colour Samples' from the dropdown menu which will then give you the option to save it as a .col for future use.
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