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  1. Cool colored pencil

    any tips or tricks for colored pencil effects i am trying to get a colored pencil affect and having a hard time doing it
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  2. Hi Ninab,
    You might want to try the following settings for the standard pencil tool:
    Pressure: 58%
    Softness: 31%
    Tilt angle: 22%
    Size: anything over 120% ish, depending on page size.
    Adjust colour as necessary.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Oh, and turn the precise option off.

  4. Hi, I've been playing around with colored pencils in ArtRage. I've been doing it with tiny lines on sketch paper. I like the texture that the layers of colored pencils give the piece. I use a Wacom Intuous tablet that senses changes in pressure, and I turned up the sensitivity fairly high so that I can really control how thin vs dark the pencil goes down.

    I keep the softness at 0% and smoothing at 0% because I want a thin, scribbly line.

    I'm just getting started with ArtRage, but you can check out my first try on DeviantArt: . I also have my work-in-progress posted at the bottom of my profile page on DA (www.emily848/

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