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Thread: A challenge over at animation forum

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    A challenge over at animation forum

    If there be any animators or wanna be animators here please feel free to join in for the fun and excitement!!! What a way to show off your talents with art Rage!

    Lip Sync Challenge thread
    September Challenge: LIP SYNC
    Challenge Length: September 4, 2010 - November 4, 2010 (*2 Months)


    Challenge Description: The theme of this challenge is LIP SYNC, your task should you choose You can take any angle you want. The animation can be funny, sad, informative or even extreme.


    1. To enter you must acquire a sound bite of your choosing. The sound bite can not be vulgar or offensive to anyone. Due to the fact we have young people and Women that are members of this site.
    2. The animation clip should not exceed 11 seconds but if need to be because of sequence this will not disqualify you.
    3. Pencil test will be accepted. (note; try to clean up your work when ever possible)
    4. the winners will allow their piece to be shown on other sights as well as the AF forum. Also the winners will submit to a interview that may appear on some internet magazines.
    5. The time limit you have is two months.We understand that school and the end of summer is upon us all. So we wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to be a part.

    More rules to come as I can put them together. Please be patient with me this is the first time I've ever run one of these. I will edit these the rest of the week.

    For information on the ArtRage 3 software go here -


    - Go in the Challenge Entry forum,
    - Create a new thread, with your name, and challenge name :
    example : jakiloblanco - GLOBAL WARMING
    - Use your thread to keep us updated on your animations
    - When you finish your entry,edit the first post in your thread,with a link to your work.If you are using Flash or YouTube you have the option of embedding your animations directly into the post, using the specific tags.

    *subject to change

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    Thumbs up Sounds cool


    Thanks for the heads up. We would be happy to. please email me.....

    Bobbyray... ArtRageUS e-magazine

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