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Thread: ArtRage Technique Videos

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    ArtRage Technique Videos

    Hey All,
    I've made a couple of videos about using ArtRage, and I thought it was high time I made a thread about it, rather than having them buried in my gallery thread.

    So this one is a high speed screen capture of a painting in progress:

    This one shows a technique for using tracing images for underpaintings:

    And this one is a quick demo of using wash and stencils:

    Thanks for looking in, and hopefully I will have some more videos to show soon!
    Jon Hodgson

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    Thank you very much

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    Dear Jon, Thank You so much for your videos!, so amazig to watch you create, saw your finished illustration and so do appreciate the steps you had to take to get there, truely amazing!!!

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    Thank you so very much for these

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    Fantastic vids Jon. Brilliant both for the information and the presentation. Excellent offering and very gratefully received, thank you.
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    You are all most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed them!
    Jon Hodgson

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    very impressive. completely enjoyed watching the demos. love some watercolor presets if you have some good ones you could share. how did you make that texture stencil you used in the watercolor of the fantasy landscape with mine?

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    Thanks! I'll make a little vid this morning to show stencil creation - it's very easy!

    I don't really use any unique presets. With water colours I find "unclean brush" does everything I need it to - I do switch "instadry" on and off depending on if I want hard or soft marks. Hmm that could be another mini vid all of it's own.
    Jon Hodgson

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