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Thread: Drawing tools stop working

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    Drawing tools stop working

    i am using a ibm tablet x61, windows xp tablet with artrage studio pro randomly either if i walk away or do things with stencils the program will still recognize my pen location but will not allow me to write the only way i have found to solve this issue is to save the file and then close and reopen the software.
    is there any other solution to this issue or possibly something i am doing wrong ?
    for 80 dollars i sure hope this isnt something im going to have to live with


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    This isn't a problem we've heard of before, so we'll need to do some troubleshooting with you directly. Could you drop a note to us at with the exact version number of the version you are running (available from the About Box) and we can work with you on finding a solution.

    When you email us could you also let us know if there are any steps you know if that can cause the problem to occur and if it only happens when you have left your system for a while (including whether the machine has gone to sleep during that period). We also need to know if you have the latest drivers installed for your tablet system, which tool or tools you used (whether it happens with all tools) and whether changing tools fixes the problem.
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