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Thread: tools not acting as expected sometimes

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    tools not acting as expected sometimes

    hi, im new to the forum, and just started using artrage in the last couple of weeks and i love it!

    i am up and running on it already mostly, its straightforward enough, but i have a small issue...

    sometimes if i select a specific tool, say a crayon, the crayon effect might not work, and it just comes out as if i am using an ink pen or whatever. when this happened i found it would act like a crayon on some layers, or in some groups but not others... is just just a bug, or is it fixable? or does everything in a single group have to have the same tool use or something??



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    Check the texture of the surfaces you're working. Chalk and crayon need some texture to show well.

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    It could be from changing around your layer texture settings. Even if you have the Canvas set to use a rough texture grain, if the layer has its setting for "Roughness" set low or at zero, the texture will be less likely to appear on that layer.
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    thanks, it was indeed the layer roughness, i didnt realise layers have their own roughness, i guess maybe 0 is default or something..

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    Artrage will use the texture settings from the previous layer when you add a new layer, so if you create a document with a normal canvas and say 50% roughness, then add a new layer, it'll carry those settings across. If you manually change the canvas settings for a layer, then add a new layer above it, it will also inherit the settings of the previous layer. That's the automatic behavior anyway. I hope that's of some use.
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