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Thread: Canvas Lighting and Defaults

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    Canvas Lighting and Defaults

    Hi there, I have a small suggestion about making an option of Canvas Lighting On/Off by Default

    I don't really need this Lighting feature, I'm always switching it off (which also increases performance), and... it is really annoying... Because no matter that I switched it Off and clicked "Use current Canvas as Default", the Lighting will be On next time I start ArtRage
    Please, make this option included in program's Defaults list

    (I hope my English was good enough to explain my needs)
    P.S. No need to tell me about the keyboard shortcut which is F5 <_<
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    Your English is excellent.

    It just needs a few more voices to join you.

    If Lighting is turned OFF, it should stay turned OFF.

    It took a little pressure in the early days to even get the switch.

    I will find my "Lighting" avatar.

    Luck is infatuated with the efficient.

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