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Thread: ArtRage 2.5 Update

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    ArtRage 2.5 Update

    Hi i am using Artrage 2.5 it came with bamboo pen, i am trying to update it,but it just doesn't do anything,i wait and wait but nothing? can anybody please help me here?.thank you.

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    Maybe this will help:

    If not, I´m sure someone who knows more will be along soon. Good Luck!
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    If you're having problems updating, you can download the latest version via our Member Area at

    1/ Click ‘create account’ and follow the instructions if you haven't done so before
    2/ Log in, then click on 'My Products'
    3/ Click 'Register New Product' then select your version of ArtRage , enter your serial number and click the 'register' button to register your software

    You should now see your serial number listed on the 'My Products' page and you can click 'download' to download any of the latest versions ( Windows or OS X ).
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