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Thread: ArtRage 3 and Tablet PC OS

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    Question ArtRage 3 and Tablet PC OS

    Am I right in understanding that ArtRage 3 does not function on the Tablet PC version of Windows XP? Or is that a false assumption based on my reading of the FAQ?

    In particular, I was hoping to use my Studio Pro copy of the software on an old (but new to me) Motion Computing Le1600 with its OEM digital pen (the digitization is by Wacom in 2005). The Tablet PC is en route so I haven't yet had a chance to set it up and test ArtRage on it firsthand.
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    All versions of ArtRage should work fine on the Tablet PC version of the OS. We're going to be updating the FAQ shortly, it's a bit out of date!
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    Thank you so much.

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