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    File Name

    here is one thing which I really really miss in ArtRage: the filename of the current painting. As I work quite a lot with this program, and doing variations of the same basical drawing, it would be great to know, "where I am" :?

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    I agree. High priority. Should be easy.

    I notice another problem. When you save a file and then later do a "Save As...", ArtRage has forgotten the name of the file.

    This should be changed so that when you do a "Save As..." command, ArtRage automatically fills in the current file name and places the cursor at the end of the file name so you can immediately begin typing a revision number, etc.
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    Need to know current active file name

    I make revisions to a painting as it progresses and it would be nice to know the revision currently being worked on so I know where I left off. If I just save a ptg file, I do not actually know of any way of knowing the name of that file (because I have probably forgotten it's name in the heat of creation) until I go back into the folder I am using to store the files in and more or less hunt and peck trying to remember the name I named my last revision.

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