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Thread: Artrage books

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    Artrage books

    Hi - are there any artrage books or maybe good watercolour books in general?

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    Hi Syburn
    Currently there are no artrage books available.

    For some info on artrage's digital watercolour check out the following thread which has some great tips from Artrage User Jules

    For traditional watercolour the following book is fantastic, lots of different approaches, watercolour effects and step by step instruction:-
    Title:The complete watercolor course : a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to watercolor
    Author:Raynes, John.
    Publisher:North Light Book

    Might also be worth a look on YouTube, there tends to be instructional videos on most traditional media on there.
    Hope this helps
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

  3. There should be some artrage books! I am sure there is a demand for one, even if it is confined to this website. I would buy one as I don't use Artrage enough to be honest and would love to really get into using instead of Photoshop all the time.

    I think a good book could easily be arranged. All you would have to do is go on deviantart and put "artrage" in the search box and pick the best artists there (or obviously go through the many talented artist profiles on here), ask 12 of them to do 1 step by step tutorial each and glue them together with notes (that I'd happily write) and bish bash bosh, you have and awesome book.

    Maybe someone should suggest this to the big wigs?

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    Hi all,

    As far as I know there are no Books on Artrage. We do have the ArtRageUS e-magazine which includes links to most of the tutorials including video on youtube. Have a look at our back issues too at:

    Hope this helps some.
    Bobbyray ArtRageUS e-magazine volunteer Coordinator

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