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    Question Advice needed re: digital prints ...

    Need some advice on where I can go to have my digital paintings put on canvas or some other displayable material that can be hung from a wall. I've gone to places like Michael's and JoAnn's that offer picture-to-canvas services, but their prices are a bit too much in the "premium" range for me. Does anyone have any serious recommendations for where I can go in having my paintings be transferred onto canvas? I've also gone to a Staples in my area, and they can do prints that can be mounted onto thick poster paper. Although not quite the same thing as printing paintings on canvas, the prices for having that done are more reasonable than doing the same thing on canvas. One other option I'm looking at is FedEx Office. They do prints on canvas. Anyone ... ? (Thanks!)

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    Don't know that you'll find any premium prints on canvas at bargain basement prices. However, I have been using White House Custom Color ( and they have great quality products. They have a complete line of printing ranging from regular photo paper to fine art paper to canvas; they can also print directly to the medium, or strip a photo emulsion and laminate it to the medium. A cheaper alternative might be to have one of their finishes, like linen, pressed into the paper. Check out their web site for more info. Rich

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    Hi Omnimaxus

    These guys have a 40% off sale on for this month (you will still have to pay shipping and handling) normal prices are listed on the linked page. With the 40% off those prices they're not too bad
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  4. I think I'll check these out too. At the moment I use a website called where they offer a print on demand service. Maybe artrage could provide a service where you can get your digi-paintings printed through them?

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