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Thread: A few issues - Stickers and transformation

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    A few issues - Stickers and transformation

    I'm encountering a few problems with stickers and selected areas. For stickers, large stickers aren't appled at 100% their actual size. For example, I've a set of 350x500 stickers that, when I peel one to stick down, get pasted at half their size. It'd also be nice to have standard options for sticker import so shadows etc. can be selected as on or off by default, instead of having to keep disabling them per sticker.

    Also with transformations, it's not working on a pixel level when zoomed in resulting in a blur. this makes accurate object placement difficult.

    Are there any tricks or pointers I'm missing, like maximise sticker sizes and keybaord shortcuts to lock transformations to image pixels?

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    Stickers are always applied at a size relative to the screen. We've made a note to look at a future option to reset stickers to their natural size. A shadow toggle is something else we've had suggested for sticker sheets.

    Currently, original placement of objects is done at a sub-pixel level if you're zoomed. However, if you place objects at 100% zoom, you can use the arrow keys to move the objects at pixel increments regardless of zoom ( 1 pixel increments or 10 pixel increments if you hold down the shift key )
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    Thanks. I found the pixel-accurate full-view myself, but didn't know about the shift-move. would be nice to have accurate placement when zoomed too though, especially when working on larger than screen sized images. eg. 1080p editing on 1680 monitor, pixel-perfect alignment isn't really possible.

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