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Thread: Crayola for Grown Ups.

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    Crayola for Grown Ups.

    Hello Fellow ArtRagers. I am Speedy and I am a newish member and Iíd thought I share what I know.

    So, I tried to find a program that compliments ArtRage and I hit upon a good find in my opinion.

    Crayola is a famous brand name and I am sure we have all used something from it at some point in our lives. Well, turns out they also make digital art software.

    Three of them.
    Crayola Art Studio: A software program that mimics any artistic utensils and colors Crayola has made. This is the program I use with ArtRage.

    Crayola Animation Studio: A simple movie/ cartoon making program.

    Crayola Photo FX Studio: A simple photo manipulation software.

    Now I know what youíre thinking. ĎThatís for kidsí but I find it makes mixing and creating palettes much easier. And you get all the Crayola colors.
    They are also really, really cheap. You can buy them separately for about ten US Dollars or buy a bundle version for about sixteen US Dollars through Amazon.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

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    Let's see some of your works with Crayola! I'm curious.

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