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Thread: New version download!

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    New version download!

    When I go to my members page, while it loads I can see the ArtRage 'block' for a second, then it disappears and a only a grey area remains. Nothing is active, there is nowhere for me to click to download the new version (I upgraded to pro back in December)I tried to register, but it still comes up as already registered, so there is no way I can make that button 'active' again

    any help will be appreciated (running Vista 32bit on HP laptop)

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    Well I kept going in and out and around the member profile page and the site and suddenly voila! There the button magically appeared!

    I'm most pleased

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    Hi Meisie,

    Sorry to hear you had some problems. If possible, could you log in to the Member Area when you get the chance, and if you still see any problems, email at and let me know what browser you're using.

    If you're having ongoing problems, I should be able to use this information to help track down what's causing this for you.
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    Thank you Dave! Eventually after going in and out and around to different places on the site, all the while popping back into my profile...finally the button just magically appeared. One of the computer quirks I've learned to do, and no one can explain to me. I had my # ready, so once that button was alive again, I could download and update! Thank you for you quick response to my 'help'...

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