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    That is how I feel by this display of young talent...........
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    Holy cow, only 7 years old. That's amazing work for someone who is still so young and has his whole life ahead of him.

  3. It is amazing when such young people show such talent. Always what happens when stuff like this crops up is questions like "are they doing it or are their parents doing it?" (As is the question over Marla) or "how hard are their parents pushing them?"

    Also, you never really know the full story with these scenarios. He could very well have scocial problems or could could be autistic. All he could do is paint every second of every day. You never know. He could very well be a fully rounded individual who is natural talented and got the right break at the right time.

    I don't want to take away from his actual achiement(s) so I say well done to him and that one day, I hope people respond to my own work with a similar response. Lets hope the sucess doesnt go to his head and he goes mental like a rock star and O.Ds on haribo or something.

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    It remembers me Whistler ;
    I did understand your interest only when I saw the age:
    7 years old is quite precocious,
    all the best wishes for the young talent !!
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