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Thread: help: everything is rightclicks!!

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    Unhappy help: everything is rightclicks!!

    hi folks,
    i've just been working on a picture of mine, and suddenly i could not use ANY tool any more - every "click" (i'm using a bamboo pen and tablet) is behaving as if it were a rightclick.

    i've checked the bamboo - it's working fine with all other programms. i've closed and restarted artrage. same again.
    i tried to paint a few stripes with my normal pc mouse - same again.
    (it's the latest version of the prog, always updating itself.)

    did i accidentaly hit some shortcut combination with ctrl + something to make artrage forget about the leftclick function? (i'm using ctrl + z to undo stuff.) how can i undo it?


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    oooooooook that's strange - it just started to work again.
    obviewsly computers and highlevel programs do have a bad consience.

    so never mind and thanks anyway.

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    Ok, nothing here
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    Hi sannibird,

    ArtRage will move the canvas instead of painting if:

    1/ The spacebar is pressed or stuck
    2/ A right click mouse or tablet stylus button is pressed or stuck

    There's another possibility. If you have been watching any animations / videos on the web which use the shockwave flash plugin ( youtube, flash animations etc ), we've found that the flash plugin can set the status of the spacebar to pressed within the operating system so ArtRage sees that and drags the canvas instead of painting.

    If you tap the spacebar once in ArtRage ( or in your web browser before switching to ArtRage ) if this happens in the future, it should reset the spacebar for you so that you can paint normally.
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