Hi all ya Ragers,

I am looking for a story....an article on why digital paintings look different or much darker when posted online. This is to be an informative solution for those who want to display better looking paintings online.

What are the secrets?
How can they be improved?
What settings?

These things that will benefit those who wish to show their art online.
This article will be used in
the ArtRageUS e-magazine.
Also, if you have an article on anything, send it on to me for publishing.
The format? please just write it/or/copy paste into the body of an email....
If you have a pdf.....tutorial or ???? as well.

We need paintings..... 1 per artist for the Artist Portal. We are working on the August Issue now. send material! Please!

Thanks guys....
Bobbyray www.artrageus.net our publication workshop.