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Thread: Our Brother the Water Buffalo - Watercolour

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    Our Brother the Water Buffalo - Watercolour


    Another water color painting displaying 2 boys with their water buffalo in a rice paddy.

    I have certain affection for water buffalos, could be the time that I spent with my paternal grandfather when little. My father as a border patrol policeman moved us to the Northern border of Thailand far away from the families in those days. It took us over 10 hours to travel the mountains of about 70 kilometers. I was told that when mother and father first moved there, they had to hire elephants and donkies to carry their household goods, in 1952. So in summers, going to visit grandfather was a special treat. My grandfather was a farmer who grew rice and everything else. He owned about 5 buffalo, one elephant which meant in those days, a comfortable man.

    I wanted to ride a buffalo to rice fields in the mornings (I was about 10 then), none of the buffalo even considered this funny little girl on the back. After begging, my grandfather talked this nice, huge female buffalo into it. (Ones must talk nicely to them, I was told.) So the 1st morning, me, on the back of the nice lady started. My grandfather was leading 3 buffalos in the front, my lady and I were the last. About half way to destination, in the middle of muddy rice paddy, she moved certain way and I slid back on my rear to sit in the mud. She walked quickly ahead of me, I called (not so nicely), she stopped and turned the head, gave me those eyes like "You silly girl!". Never forget those nice, calm eyes.

    I tried to capture those eyes in this painting.

    Any comments and advice is appreciated.
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    A wonderful painting. Just beautiful.

    Brings back to mind a water buffalo story of my own...When I was in Vietnam in 1965, my squad was crossing an area, and found ourselves face to face with a big Water Buffalo, and he didn't seem to be interested in moving. So, there we stood for a long time, trying to figure out what to do... A squad of (supposedly) big tough Marines stopped cold, by one Water Buffalo......
    Then......a little boy, probably 6 years old at the most - walked over, slapped him on the nose, and led him off with not a bit of trouble....
    Big helpings of humble pie for the Marines that day...

    Anyway, I love your painting.
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    Dear Jas, What a beautiful story and painting, twice as good!!! just a beautiful memory, so sweet, thank you for sharing,,,,

    Thank You too Barnburner!!!

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    Jasmine this is beautiful and what a lovely storey that goes with it, thankyou so much for sharing, I love it, and Barnburner thankyou also, two great stories from both of you

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    What a lovely setting. A great story to share also fantastic
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    Wonderful story and a great painting!!!!!!!!!
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    Jasmin beautiful painting. A great story too. Congratulations. And Barn, your story is also very interesting.

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    Jasmine, Your painting brings back such fond memories for me-as a child in the Philippines. My father was stationed there. He used to take me to the markets and we would ride a callesa and pass the rice fields some times. I loved the water buffalo. Very nice painting.

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    I like these kind of paintings...well done!

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    Jasmin, this picture talks as well as you do..:-) Nice story.. but ... is he really /the buffallow/ my brother? So, it makes the cow my sister?Hope not literally...hehehehe...

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