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Thread: Why? (my new design)

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    Why? (my new design)

    Hey! Caesar I have copied your design but your bird is more beautiful
    My bird is malefic
    maybe I should paint it black..

    Più veloce:
    Ho cercato di copiare il tuo disegno dell'uccelino sul rametto ma non so perchè è diverso e sembra malefico.. il tuo è tenero.. il mio.. no.
    Sembra un killer! O.O

    I don't like my bird =(
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    brighton uk
    Hi Black Rose you handle the paint very well I would like to be around when u reach 24 I think I would be amazed !! congrats Ciao

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    Brilliant start

    Okay, you have got something going here. I think it is a very nice peice. The way you treated the paint was very interesting. Most people would have smoothed it down and blended it, but I like that you didn't. That shows that you have started a style. Keep with that.
    As for your lack of self confidence; you should be happy with this peice. It is quite lovely. An important part of pursuing art, is having self confidence. You are the only person you have to satisfy.
    So... All together, great job! Keep it up.

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