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Thread: possible bug

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    possible bug

    When I export ptg files to psd (export as images), and open them in TVP animation (animation app) I discovered that the first layer is strange, its name was just a lot of signs, numbers and letters with no sense, if I choose this layer the app crashes. When I try to open thoose psd files in Graphic converter some layers is not visible and the whole image has a black background (it's supposed to be white). If I open psd files made in photoshop there is no problem, only thoose saved from artrage, what do you think, could this be a bug?

    I'm using artrage 2.2.9 on osx 10.4.8 on a ppc g4 dual 1.3ghz with 1.25gb ram


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    Hi Ulrik,
    It could be a bug. Any chance you could send the ArtRage painting file, as well as the exported PSD to
    Include full instructions for how you're doing the export of the PSD, and we'll see if we can work out what's going wrong.
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