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Thread: What do you do....

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    What do you do....

    When you're not deep in the Artrage pulling masterpieces from your noodle and sharing them with the internet world?

    I enjoy quiliting, gaming, writing, crafts of all kinds and I am an amateur genealogy researcher of about 3 years. My tree holds about 2500 people with more than 3000 records, pictures, and stories to back them up. That is where I spend the bulk of my time when I am not doing something in Artrage.

    Not sure if this has been started as a thread before, but I was just curious.

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    Atlanta (Georgia) area
    I'm usually feeding my science fiction / fantasy addiction, attempting various types of exotic cooking, or fooling with my cameras. Just the usual stuff for a retiree old enough to know better.

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    Aha, I am sleeping!!

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    Very cool. I hope to hear from more people.

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    Hi Magen, I also love sewing, but I make curtains, totes and handbags, table cloths, furniture covering things like that, decorating, gaming also, painting murals, painting furniture, reading fantasy novels, writing, teaching my children, managing the home, and caring for my six pets. Oh and cooking, nothing like doc-I love to eat exotic foods, but don't cook them as I am the only one who loves it in my clan.
    Great thread idea by the way.
    After reading Mikes post-I wanted to add to my post. I also love watching old movies. I love old mysteries and old classics. I am thankful for Netflix, and I can order movies and shows not available anymore.
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    Very Small town in Illinois
    I enjoy watching old movies, reading, listening to music, playing the guitar a little, taking pictures,
    fishing, and being a shade tree fix-it computer guy for family and friends.
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    Here's a few things I enjoy:

    • Video games
      • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PC version) being the most played at the moment.
        • I also record the games sometimes, but I'll get to that later.

    • Flash
      • Flash is the program used to make many of those fancy web pages you may have seen floating around the internet, as well as making simple games and animations. Everything I know about action script was learned via books or browsing internet forums.
        • I'm hoping to utilize artwork I've created in ArtRage Studio within a game at some point (it will all depend on whether I can make the scenes big enough without causing the program to lag).

    • Video Editing
      • I tend to do a bit of video editing, mostly for one of the following reasons:
        1. Demonstration of certain techniques used in programs (like ArtRage as some of you may know).
        2. Recording games while I play them online
          • Sometimes people call me a hacker, whether it's because of my scores or because I've gotten to an area they didn't think possible (mostly it's due to my scores). In these cases, I'll sometimes record the action and show them the game from my point of view (which obviously have nothing to do with hacks).

    • Reading
      • I mostly enjoy magazines like Discover, but I did recently read through the Harry Potter series (which is very good, for anyone who hasn't read them yet).

    • Music
      • Nothingspecial about this really. I either listen to music on or head to Youtube to watch music videos.

    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    sounds like your a busy lady Magen

    when not playing withArtRage I might be found playing with Painter, reading, woodworking, genealogy ( about 2000 so far , pics, story etc but not enough yet ) and a big part of my time is spent doing things with my OES pal Dutch
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    These are all wonderful and interesting things everyone is doing. All sounding very familar. It seems like we creative lot tend to do alot of the same things.

    I'm enjoying this thread. I look forward to hearing from more folks.

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