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Thread: how to copy the tool settings?

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    how to copy the tool settings?

    in Mypaint software there is a hotkey (W) by which you can click on a brush/tool sample which you have drawn earlier and use it.
    is there a similar hot key in artrage? please help

    draw in one area with oil brush blue colour, another area with pencil yellow, another area red with ink pen.......then when you want to draw again with oil brush blue is there anyway to click on the painting itself and give the settings to the current tool.

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    I'm not sure which version of ArtRage you're using, but ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro have tool presets, so you can create a preset to store desired tool settings.

    There isn't a way to click on the canvas to select a tool with specific settings and colour, while you can use the eyedropper tool to sample an existing colour. Often what you're seeing on the canvas may be a combined result of any number of different tools and colours, the way we do blending, so this information wouldn't be possible to be tracked.
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    thanks for the reply, hope you can consider it this for the next version
    with best regards

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