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Thread: The Mystical Lady in Blue

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    The Mystical Lady in Blue

    In 1620 a cloistered Spanish nun named Maria de Agreda began to report unusual visions of distant places. She claimed to making nearly daily visits to the Spanish colonies in New Mexico, despite never physically leaving her cubical. During her visits she preached the word of Christ to the Native Americans who, she said, were eager for instruction in the Gospel.

    Her stories may have just been ignored as the daydreams of an overly pious zealot except for two things:

    1.) Maria de Agreda was a spiritual child prodigy who had — on more than one occasion — been observed levitating during prayer by the other nuns of her order.

    2.) Half a world away the Jumano indians of west Texas began to make yearly pilgrimages to the Rio Grande missions in New Mexico seeking baptism from the Franciscan priests. The surprised Padres asked the natives what made them undertake the 300 mile journey from their homeland and the indians related stories of a Beautiful "Lady in Blue" who came to them from the sky, who instructed them in Christian theology and who told them to seek out the Spanish missionaries on the Rio Grande to their west.

    The tale grew in the telling and eventually it drew the attention of the Spanish Inquisition. An exhaustive investigation ended with the decision that her activities were not a product of the devil and were in fact legitimate examples of the miracle of bilocation.

    Maria de Agreda went on to write a highly controversial biography of the Virgin Mary and to advise King Felipe IV (Spain’s inept monarch and most famous playboy) via a life-long letter exchange.

    After her death, her body was entombed at the convent where she spent her adult life. It has been reported that her corpse has never decayed and retains to this day a pure state and sweet smell.

    Edit added later: There is a legend told in Texas that after her last visit she ascended into the sky and the plains became covered with beautiful bluebonnet flowers.
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    Wonderful, thank you Al.

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    Esta obra me ha llamado mucho la atención no solamente por su sencillez y colorido, sino que además, por la historia en que se basa...

    I was surprised not only by the painting. In addition, based on a little-known history... (web translation)
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    Dear Al, a very beautiful and inspirational painting and story!!! Thank You!

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    Al, this is very pretty and interesting picture. Love the history undertone and all those figures involved, it talks about an artistic skill itself.
    Besides the figures, love the sky how you've dealt with the light, surrounding Mary, to make the pic even more interesting and colorfull. Very good job.

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    The painting is wonderful and would marvellously fit into a church either as a painting or a a stained glass window representing the Virgin Mary!
    Your marvellous colors are light and should swim and shine in the light.
    I din't know this specific story, I enjoyed very much though.
    I can only say that the paranormal phenomena You reported: no corpse decay, bilocation, sweet smells (mostly of roses) etc. were observed on several other cases of saints and even very famous ones ... including the faculty to impossible healing, knowledge about a person never met before, stigmata (the bleeding signs of Jesus Christ passion).
    One great recent example was Saint Pius (or Padre Pio), who had stigmata. He smelled of roses. He experienced bilocations, miraculous healings and convertions etc. Some people recovering from uncurable diseases after seeing him or perceiving him in dream-like situations reported of the sweet smell too.
    During his life, Padre Pio had also nights when the devils arrived to ferociously beat him.
    A number of his deeds and stories were scientifically studied and no natural explanation was found ....

    So, let's keep up our hopes if You wish.
    There's still at least a probability (and an opportunity we shouldn't waste in our time) that the Way, the Truth and the Life really came to us, changed history and dooms and is still powerfully here and alive!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Inspiring painting AL, so well and artistically painted.
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Beautiful representation of this holy.

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    Lovely picture and quite a mystical story both to be enjoyed and remembered well that there is power out there in faith.

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