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Thread: colour presets

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    colour presets

    Does anybody have any colour presets available for downloading?
    I'm looking for something along the lines of this:

    You know when you look at a artist supply catalogue and they have these sets of 24 Pastels, or they have a "Landscape Set" or a "Portrait Artist Set"?

    Well, i'd like to try to draw/paint using those specific colours but i don't know what their values are, nor what the names of those colours.

    I know someone posted a link to a site that has the cmyk values for loads of colours.

    I guess i'm just looking for a list of colours commonly used in those Pastel sets.
    Anybody happen to know?

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    Why not make your own? It is not very difficult, and if you go to the website in question, you can find the color values for these specialized sets for many of the manufacturers.
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    Hi jman0war,

    First off, welcome to the ArtRage forums . Second, I've attached a couple pastel sets that I've made. I've included them as both Color Sample .col files and as PNG image files to be used as Custom Pickers. The files can be downloaded from the bottom of this post (right click and select "Save as" for the png's). Although, as Terrygillooly mentioned, it might be a good idea to create your own set in this case. It seems like you have a specific idea of the colors you're looking for, from a particular pastel set. Sometimes, I just import the image of the pastel set as a reference image and use the "Alt" shortcut to select the color directly from the image.

    Here's a screen shot of one of the sets I have attached, as a Reference image, a Color Sample and a Color Picker:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	colorstuff.jpg 
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ID:	46466

    Name:  Pastel Set 1.png
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    Pastel Set 1.col

    Name:  Pastel Set 2.png
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    Pastel Set 2.col
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    Thanks Someonesane

    One of the most difficult things i find, is selecting the right colour.

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    Hi jmanOwar,
    User ZiJing has posted a lot of artist material sets that have print safe values in this thread
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