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Thread: The Wigtown Martyrs

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    The Wigtown Martyrs

    Hello fellow ragers.
    I've been swamped in 3D work for quite a long time but Simon Dominic's recent ImagineFX tutorial inspired me to burn the candle at 3 ends and cosy up to ArtRage's lovely oil brush. Oh how I've missed it.
    More info on this image can be found at
    Thanks for looking.

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    Good to see you posting again Boxy, I have missed your wonderful creations. This is another masterpiece from you which depicts the story so well. I do so enjoy your work
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    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Wow, that's insanely awesome work!
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    That is simply amazing work!
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    Nice to have You back, dear Boxy!
    A dramatic scene painted with great mastery! I cannot quite exactly understand or guess what is going on or rather why, but it is a really powerful illustration!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    There are occasions when comment HAS to be made,and from time to time I see such outstanding work that I just HAVE to come in and say how good it is,this is one of those times,..... Boxy this is SOOOOO good, in fact I now want to go away and try to paint something in oils, I dont think I have given them a fair trial,much like the poor victims in your picture,very well depicted mate, I looked up the story on Wikipedia,a true and dreadful story....Jack.
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    Aw shucks thanks everyone. Nice to see you all again!

    Caesar there is more info on my website but the summary of the story goes like this:

    In 1685 during a period known as 'The Killing Time' in Scotland, two women were tied to stakes driven into the sands of Wingtown Bay and left to the mercy of incoming tides. The eldest, a sixty three year old widow called Margaret McLachlan was set further out; doomed to drown first in the hope it would make her young friend, eighteen year old Margaret Wilson, swear an oath to the recently restored King Charles II and renounce the Covenant. The teenager held fast and drowned along with her comrade. The pair were buried in the local churchyard where they still lie.
    Some accounts say Margaret Wilson did recant, but her executioners heartlessly decided to 'let her rot' anyway.


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    WOW... Amazing painting, and a dramatic story with a truly cruel end, however impressive painting

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    Hi Boxy! very very nice work. Beautiful.

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    Really outstanding painting

    Really outstanding piece of work,Boxy. and how cruel people can be to each other... i truly enjoyed this.

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