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Thread: Numeric / Percentage fields

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    Numeric / Percentage fields

    Hi Guys,

    If you can already do this, I'd like to know how. I use a tablet pc, and one of my only bug bears with artrage is numeric / percentage fields (like the zoom) - I'd like to see a way where these could be changed up or down with either a mouse drag, or a up/down pointer. The best way would be if the pointer is dragged up, the number increases, and if dragged down, the number decreases.
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    They don't have "sliders", but many of the features act like them in terms of click and drag. For example, the Canvas Positioner has a click and drag to zoom feature on it. It's just a matter of clicking the magnifying glass and dragging the mouse up or down. The tool size can changed by clicking in the percentage field for the tool size and dragging the mouse/pen left or right. The layers opacity can also be changed by dragging the mouse. Just click on the black circle of any one layer and drag the mouse up or down (you'll see black circle acts as a pie chart displaying the percentage of opacity).
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