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Thread: Cursor missing?

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    Cursor missing?

    Hey guys, ive got a question,

    First for all, my English is horrible, so i try to make my problem as clear as possible...

    When i am using a tool (for example the paint tool) the ''circle paint cursor'' doesnt show up (you know, the circle that shows how big your brush is). So if i change the size from 10% to 90%, i cannot see the difference in size because my cursor is gone, unless i actually try out to see how big my lines are.

    Normally the cursor is simply there. If you change the size of your brush, the circle cursor gets bigger, and the other way around. But now, I only have a pencil-like cursor.

    How can I have my cursor back?

    Edit: Never mind, i changed the language from Dutch to English and changed a option at ''preferences'', but there seems so be something weird about the English version.

    If you go the English version of Art Rage 2.5 and take a look at the options at ''preferences'' there is a option called: '' Use precise cursor'', but I thought there wasnt a option like that on the dutch version. But there is, but mistranslated to : ''Precieze kleuren gebruiken''.

    Anways, its oke, problem solved.
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    Thanks for letting us know about the translation problem there, we'll make a note to get it looked at for our next revision. Glad to hear the problem got resolved!
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