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Thread: Difference between AppData and Program Files?

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    Red face Difference between AppData and Program Files?

    I noticed there are two places for ArtRage files.
    One is in Users>AppData>Roaming>Ambient Design>ArtRage3
    The other is in Local Disk>Program Files>Ambient Design>ArtRage Studio Pro

    Both places seem to work. However when you use Open User Content Folder, you will only open then AppData one (any in-program preset save will use the AppData folder).

    Why is it happening? Will it cause problems? Which one is better for use?

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    Depending on your knowledge of computers, it'd probably be best for you to use the AppData folder, which was created for the purpose of keeping your personally created or downloaded files for the program. The use of the AppData folder will not hinder your use of the ArtRage program or your system at all. This will ensure that you don't accidentally remove any of the default files that you may need from the program files. Also, if you should find a need to reinstall the ArtRage program at a later date, the AppData files (being stored outside the programs folder for the program) will remain intact, saving you the time and effort of having to put all of the .prs, .stk, and stencil files back where you want them and also keeps your screen layout preferences, and canvas setups.
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