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Thread: Layer Group Bug?

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    Layer Group Bug?

    I think this qualifies as strange behavior.

    1. Open up ArtRage.
    2. Add a new Layer. (Let's call her Layer 1.)
    3. Select the old Layer. This is the critical step.
    4. Add Layer Group. Thanks to Step 3, the new Group appears underneath Layer 1.
    5. Undo (Group goes away.)
    6. Redo (Group returns, but is now above Layer 1.)
    7. Undo (Layer 1 is selected. Wha-?)
    8. Undo (Layer 1 goes away.)
    9. Redo (Layer 1 returns.)
    10. Redo (A new Group is added. There is now an extra Layer Group. )

    Repeat steps 7 through 10 to add Layer Groups ad, as far as I can tell, infinitum.

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    Thank you for the excellent steps to reproduce this one! I can get this behavior here and have added it to our buglist for us to look into for an update.
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