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Thread: make webb homepage with artrage ?

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    make webb homepage with artrage ?

    ccan I make a homepage with artrage ?,, not the links an stuff, but make the background and other nice stuff in artrage and save,, then take them into for example,, contribute and use it in a homepage..
    Ima not very clever at computers , it was just an ide I got when I saw how nice pictures artrage can make,, and want to use them in my homepage.
    The page I have now is made by someonelse thats why Im not very sure how its made..

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    Hi Okasa,

    ArtRage can export paintings as standard image formats ( jpg, png etc ) via File -> Export as Image. You could then use these images on a web page. For actually making the web page, especially if you're just starting out with this sort of thing, a graphical webpage editor of some sort is probably going to be your main tool. There are a range of these, I'd recommend downloading some trials and getting a feel for them to see which suits you best. I hope that's of some help!
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