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Thread: Problems with downloading artrage

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    Arrow Problems with downloading artrage


    I purchased the Bamboo fun tablet a couple of months ago, when I installed it various other programs, such as Bamboo Dock and Artrage were also included.

    I have just bought another computer and have already installed the Bamboo dock on it. However, I can't find the artrage program anywhere. I've looked on both the Ambientdesign website and Bamboo's website, but can't find a link, or section, where I can download Artrage.

    I have tried enetering my Bundle software download code, which came along with my Bamboo Fun tablet, on the ambientdesign's website, but it says my serial is not valid.

    Any help please? Thanks in advance.

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    The bundle download code is used on Wacom's website to download the product. When you do that, Wacom send an email containing your Registration Key. Unfortunately we don't have any details of Wacom customers so we don't have access to your key directly, but if you can't find the Registration Key they sent, you should be able to talk to Wacom customer support ( to get it again.

    Once you have your key, you can create an account in our Member Area ( and register the key on the My Products page to get downloads of the product in the future.

    Hope that helps!
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