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Thread: layer problem

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    Question layer problem

    Stuck with only one layer, cannot move and select the other layers.
    Why is there only one layer highlighted with blue out of the 10 I am working with in the layers panel, none of the other layers are locked, all are visible, opacity set to 100% for each, I cannot select any layers, cannot edit them etc. I did not consciously select anything that would lock the layers. I used the stencils and the transform layer tool to adjust the stencils and then I am stuck with just one layer.

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    Does the problem persist if you save and restart the application? Save the painting to a new file using Save As just in case there is a problem.

    It sounds like there is a modal operation in progress. Pressing Escape or Enter could end it (this may relate to transforming the layer contents, though I can't replicate the behaviour here).

    If the problem does persist, we'll need to take a look at the file directly, let me know if the above doesn't help and we'll sort out getting the file from you to take a look at what's happening.
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