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Thread: You need hands...

  1. You need hands...

    Some hand drawings from an old sketchbook. Hoping to use them as a basis for some inking / painting experiments. I'll post progress as and when.
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    Look at your own hands, try to think of them as planes and lines. Look at one hand while drawing with the other.

    WARNING: Your first attempts will be very crude. Don't get discouraged.

  3. Thanks Jackson86 - there's really no special trick to this, just pencil, paper and lots of practice. Drawing is like anything else, the more you do the better you'll be.

  4. Three done so far. All on one basic canvas layer using brush setting 70% pressure, 48% thinners, 23% loading & standard pallette knife. Comments welcome.
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    criky for a moment I thought u where a spin bowler

    but your right the more u do the better you'll be my sketching improved when I started sketching in my studio the routemaster bus

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