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Thread: wacom Intuos 3 sensitivity problem

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    Smile wacom Intuos 3 sensitivity problem

    For everyone who owns a wacom Intuos 3, and having trouble with the sensitivity issue - here is the way you can fix the problem

    1. If you can -uninstall the driver.

    2. go to wacom's web site, go to downloads, select the model (mine is PTZ-630) and select your operating system (mine windows 7 32,64bit).

    3. Once at the screen select the appropriate driver for your model (mine is version

    4. Download the driver.exe file, once finished install.

    5. What I would recommend doing after you have installed, it is to restart your computer and then test the sensitivity.

    note: This worked great for me (unless the planets seemed to line up perfectly at the time).
    If you can't seem to uninstall the wacom driver, then download a newer driver from the site I mentioned. ( even if you think you don't want it) install that and restart. Then uninstall that driver and do steps 1-5 like normal.

    I know that it can be a pain, believe me. But It does work and now I can get those faint lines as well as the thick lines which I need as a graphite artist.

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    Thanks for posting your experience on this one! Great to hear that it's working well for you now
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