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Thread: Aliasing and the Selection Tool

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    Aliasing and the Selection Tool

    At the risk of sounding like a throwback I wonder if the selection tools can have a non-anti-aliased mode--or should I say an aliased mode? That is, one where the edges are completely hard with no blended pixels.

    Right now, only the Rectangular selection tool is capable of producing a completely hard edge.

    The attached JPG shows the results of filling in 4 of the selection tools at various amounts of Feather, magnified 300x. The results at 0% and 1% look identical, at least to me. I would love it if 0% Feather turned off anti-aliasing completely.

    ... While I'm at it, how about a smoother line-to-pixel algorithm for the Freehand tool at 0%?

    The shapes in purple, by the way, are the results of filling in a selection with 0% Feather, and Zoom at other than 100%. There seems to be an artifact on the harder edges.
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    Filling at other than 100% zoom will create selections on sub pixel boundaries, so you might see something other than a hard edge. We don't do solid pixel boundaries when you zoom in to keep some smoothness. We may adjust this in the future however.

    I'm not seeing quite the same result with the freehand tool at 0% smoothing. What Spread setting did you use in the Fill tool?
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    Hi Matt,

    I'd like to note that all the black shapes in the previous example were selected and filled at 100% Zoom. I wanted to keep everything as consistent as possible.

    This PNG is of the Freehand selection tool used at 0% Feather (and 100% Zoom). The screenshot was resized to 150% to show the edge more clearly.

    I forgot to mention I am on 3.0.7SP on Windows 7.

    PS Thanks for the fast reply!
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    So is there a fix?

    I use the freehand tool a lot, but not without great reservation. That weird artifacts that the freehand selection tool produces, frankly, sucks! I usually have to add a 2% feather when I use this, but this isn't ideal.

    When it comes to a freehand selection method to emulate, I'd take a good look at what Photoshop has offered for over a decade.

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    Yes, needs improvement

    I have to agree, a selection tool that worked as well as Photoshop's would be very helpful. Right now, I have to use stencils to help me select areas. Ah well...this is a very fine program on the whole though!


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    Sorry for necroing this old thread, but I have encountered this very same issue today, and instead of posting a new thread immediately, I searched the forums first (gasp!).

    While trying to use the coloring technique I normally use with Photoshop (freehand selections + airbrush) I discovered that it's impossible to make nice looking "sharp" selections using the freehand tool. The artifacts I'm getting look exactly the same as the ones in the opening post, and I also have to use at least 2% feather to hide them.

    If this could be rectified in a future release, I'd be very happy. Also, as other people have already suggested in other threads, it would be nice to be able to hide the marching ants.

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